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The Arribas WINE Selection is exclusive to our Arribas Terrace .

I divide still wines - popularly called table wines - according to the frequency of moments of consumption that their price, reflecting (relatively proportional) the quality and quantity produced, allows. Every year , during the months of May and June, I taste, with the methodology of blind tasting, more than 1500 wines that share two characteristics among themselves: their shelf price is marked between 2 and 10 euros and are on sale in the modern distribution, ready to enter a shopping cart, the selection of the best classifications is published in a book, however, during the month of October I taste, also in blind tasting, about 800 wines that the vast majority of national production considers as their level proposals superior: the tops of range. It is also based on the results (which will be published, during the Christmas period, in electronic format on this my website) that I justify naming them s for the best wines and the best producers of Calendar wines, ie nectars that due to its exclusivity and price deserve the spaced way consumer choice on the calendar, often as celebrations of good witnesses.

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