Sustainability policy

Sustainability policy

We are a Green Key hotel

Green Key is the international eco-label of the tourism industry, which is awarded to companies that comply with a number of environmental requirements in many different areas. A program under development in more than 50 countries.

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Being Green is more than one colour, is a social responsibility!

At Arribas Sintra Hotel we are committed to implement a set of action in order to minimize or even eliminate the hotel environmental impact. Social and environmental sustainability are a commitment we take very seriously..

Our commitment

  • Reduce our water, energy, paper and other resources consumes.
  • To gain an environmental certification by the official entities.
  • Implement safety and security at work norms and the best food safety practices.
  • To perfect our process of residues selection and recycling.
  • To choose ecologically responsible and local suppliers.
  • To use cleaning and hygiene products with eco label.
  • To be a part in local initiatives the aim to the social wellbeing and nature preservation.
  • Implement the Eco Arribas program that will allow our guest to choose not having their room cleaned, to not exchange towels by giving them special incentives.
  • We have an organic garden were biologically ingredients are cultivated and then used to prepare the meal on our restaurant.

How can you help us?

  • Please make a rational use of water. Immediately inform the Reception if you find a leaking tap or any other water leak.
  • Please help us to maintain our green and outdoor spaces clean.
  • If your towel is still clean, hang it (this means that you do not need it changed)
  • Use the pool towel as many times as possible. Changing your pool towel has an extra cost.
  • When leaving the room, remove your key from the power adaptor by the door.
  • Avoid leaving connected or in stand by any electrical equipment that you are no longer using.
  • Turn of the lights if you don’t need them.
  • Do not use the laundry service more than you need.
  • Avoid setting your air conditioning machine to very high or very low temperatures.

last update: 2018.10