Social Responsability

Social Responsability

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Sustainability policy

1. Our Approach

As a hotel unit part of the Sintra region, we strive daily to develop new approaches to that will have a positive impact in terms of economic, social and environmental sustainability. Our focus is to perform our operations in a balanced manner, finding a harmony between the interests of the shareholders, the employees, as well as of the region and environment itself, thus promoting the creation of long term value.

2. Vision

We aim to be a reference in our industry. We trust the quality of our service, the genuine and warm way we receive our guests, as well as the way we engage with all our stakeholders represents not only the way to improve the reputation of our independent brand, but also an example to be followed within the industry.

3. Valores

  • Ethical conduct
  • Commitment to create a more fair society
  • Empowerment of our employees
  • Acting with integrity at all times
  • RAcknowledgement of the importance of our employees as a critical factor to the success of our business
  • Solidarity
  • Sustainability
  • Continuous improvement of our sustainability practices
  • Protection of the environment

Each year, we seek to develop a set of new initiatives to support local communities, of which the following are highlighted:

  • Supply of meals throughout the four months of summer to the teams responsible for the prevention of the fires from the group of volunteer firefighters from Almoçageme
  • Donation of equipment through the parish council of Colares to the social solidarity institutions
  • Prioritize partnerships with local suppliers
  • Decrease of energy, water and raw materials consumption
  • Reduction of waste